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Microwave synthesis and properties of dioctadecyl tetrahydroxyethyl dibromopropane diammonium

Siyu PENG1(),Cheng ZHENG1,2(),Taoyan MAO1,Yuan WEI1,Huafeng SONG1   

  1. 1. Institute of Fine Chemical Engineering, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou 510006, Guangdong, China
    2. Guangzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology, Guangzhou 510550, Guangdong, China
  • Received:2018-11-21 Revised:2018-11-26 Online:2019-03-31 Published:2019-04-26
  • Contact: Cheng ZHENG;


A gemini surfactant called dioctadecyl tetrahydroxyethyl dibromopropane diammonium (DTDD) was synthesized via quaternization reaction under the condition of microwave and high pressure using octadecyl diethanolamine and 1,3-dibromopropane as the main raw materials. The target compound was characterized by IR and1H NMR, and its purity was determined by HPLC-ELSD. By analysing the single-factor and orthogonal array design experiments, the optimal synthesis conditions for the synthesis of DTDD by microwave method were determined as follows: microwave power was set to 900W, reaction time was 8h and reaction temperature was 140°C, reaching a yeild of 92%. Compared with the traditional heating method, the reaction rate using microwave synthesis was greatly increased. The critical micelle concentration (CMC), surface tension, Kraft point, and foam properties of the product and the traditional surfactant octadecylmethyldihydroxyethyl ammonium bromide (OMDAB) were determined. The performance test results showed that compared with OMDAB, the target product had good surface properties with the critical micelle concentration of 0.087 g/L and the corresponding surface tension γ(CMC) of 31.09 mN/m.

Key words: polyhydroxyl, surfactants, high-pressure, microwave, interface, synthesis

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  • TQ 423.99


Synthetic route of DTDD (a) and structural formula of OMDAB (b)"

Table 1

Effect of different solvents on product yield"



Effect of molar ratio of reactants on product yield"


Effect of reaction temperature on product yield"


Effect of microwave radiation power on product yield"


Effect of reaction time on product yield"

Table 2

Factors and levels of orthogonal experiments"

水平A(功率)/WB(反应时间)/ hC(温度)/℃

Table 3

Program and result of orthogonal experiments"

实验号ABC收率/ %


900 W, 8 h, 140℃

重复实验平均收率: 92.38%

Table 4

Comparison of various techniques"



IR spectrum of DTDD and octadecyl diethanolamine"


1H NMR spectrum of DTDD"


Thermogravimetric analysis of DTDD"


HPLC chromatogram of DTDD"


γ-lgC curve of DTDD and OMDAB"


Relation between benzene content and absorbance in sample solution"

Table 5

Emulsification time of various surfactant solutions for various lubricating oil phases"

DTDD7 min 47 s32 min10 s1 h 20 min
OMDAB7 min10 s19 min 6 s1 h 2 min

Table 6

Foam performance test results for different surfactants"

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LI Qingzhao;ZHAO Changsui;CHEN Xiaoping;WU Weifang;LI Yingjie


Combustion of pulverized coal in O2/CO2 mixtures and its pore structure development

[J]. , 2008, 59(11): 2891 -2897 .