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Formation of framework supported pore for PVA/ZnO composite and Pb(Ⅱ) adsorption

Sheng XU(),Lingli LIU,Meng CAO,Shangxi ZHANG,Xin DAI,Yang LIU,Zhenxi WANG   

  1. 1. College of Sciences, Nanchang Institute of Technology, Nanchang 330099, Jiangxi, China
  • Received:2018-11-15 Revised:2018-12-25 Online:2019-03-31 Published:2019-04-26
  • Contact: Sheng XU


PVA/tetra-ZnO composite was prepared by in-situ chemical crosslinking reaction which was used as the absorbent of Pb(II) in waste water. The FTIR and TGA results indicated the successful grafting of APTES on the tetra-ZnO particles surface and the tetra-ZnO particles dispersed uniformly after modification. A special “framework supported” structure was formed around the pore-channel wall of PVA/tetra-ZnO composite due to the interlocking characteristic of the tetra-ZnO particle s four whisker arms and which was beneficial for the diffusion and adsorption of heavy metal ions solution. The Pb(II) adsorption capacity reached to the maximum at 7% tetra-ZnO content, and the adsorption effect was most significant at pH 4.0. Contrary to the distribution of pore size, the absorbed Pb(II) on PVA/tetra-ZnO composite was graded distribution from the out to inside with a gradual decease trend. The Langmuir model was better fitted the Pb(II) adsorption isotherm process which revealed the homogeneous monolayer adsorption mechanism. The adsorption kinetics indicated the stepwise adsorption process due to the perfect fitting degree of pseudo-first-order model as well the pseudo-first-order model. The intraparticle diffusion kinetics model indicated that the chemical adsorption and intraparticle diffusion played the important role during the whole adsorption process. Besides, the stress stability and thermo stability of PVA/tetra-ZnO composites were improved than neat PVA.

Key words: gel, tetrapod-shaped ZnO whiskers, framework supported structure, heavy metal ions, adsorption, stability

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Modification mechanism of tetra-ZnO by APTES (a), TGA curves after modification (b)"


Macroscopic and microscopic morphology of PVA/tetra-ZnO composite"


Mechanism of material preparation and formation of “framework supported” structure"


Effect of tetra-ZnO content on Pb(Ⅱ) adsorption of PVA/tetra-ZnO composite"


Adsorption isotherm behavior of PVA/tetra-ZnO composite for Pb(Ⅱ)"

Table 1

Adsorption isotherm parameter of PVA/tetra-ZnO composite for Pb(II)"

Adsorption isotherm model Adsorption isotherm parameter R 2


q m 116.28 mg/g


K L 5.0 L/mg


K F 24.47 (mg/g)(mg/L) n


n 2.85


A T 3.38 L/mg 0.9612
B T 19.35 mg/g
b T 128.14 (J/mol)/(mg/g)


Effect of pH on Pb(Ⅱ) adsorption of PVA/tetra-ZnO composite for Pb(Ⅱ)"


Effect of contact time on Pb(Ⅱ) adsorption of PVA/tetra-ZnO composite and fitting of adsorption kinetic models"

Table 2

Parameters of pseudo-first and pseudo-second order kinetic models"

C 0/(mg/L) Pseudo-first-order Pseudo-second-order
K l/min?1 q e/(mg/g) R 2 K 2/(g/(mg·min)) q e/(mg/g) R 2
300 3.33×10-3 93.82 0.9919 2.63×10-5 116.28 0.9969


Microstructure of PVA/tetra-ZnO composite and distribution of absorbed Pb(II)"


Microstructure and adsorption capacity of Pb(II) for neat PVA and PVA/tetra-ZnO composite under stress"


Thermostability of PVA/tetra-ZnO composite"

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