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Catalysis effects of K2CO3 for gasification of semi-coke

Fanrui MENG1(),Boyang LI1,Xianchun LI1,2(),Shuang QIU2   

  1. 1. Engineering Research Center of Advanced Coal & Coking Technology and Efficient Utilization of Coal Resources, the Education Department of Liaoning Province, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Anshan 114051, Liaoning, China
    2. School of Chemical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Anshan 114051, Liaoning, China
  • Received:2018-10-18 Revised:2018-11-23 Online:2019-03-31 Published:2019-04-26
  • Contact: Xianchun LI;


Steam gasification of potassium-loaded semi-coke has been carried out with a fixed-bed laboratory gasifier at atmospheric pressure. With the K2CO3 loading increased the micropore area decreased. At a loading of 5% (mass), the K2CO3 mainly plays the role of filling pores. Above the loading of 10% (mass), the accumulation of catalyst will lead to more pores on the surface and interior of the particles. Increasing the gasification temperature could increase the carbon conversion rate, but above 750℃ the carbon conversion rate increased indistinctively. The loading values above which the effect was negligible were 10% (mass). High concentration of C(O) on the surface of particles and in open pores has a higher desorption rate and led to the generation rate of CO increase. Under non-catalytic conditions, CO/CO2 decreased as gasification time increasing, while H2/(2CO2+CO) increased first and then decreased. Under catalytic conditions, H2/(2CO2+CO) was stable at 1.5-1.7. The active components, such as K2Ca(CO3)2, K2O, and KO2, appeared in the catalyst semi-coke samples and increased with the catalyst loading increasing. Catalyst deactivation phenomenon was aggravated due to the loading increasing, but it was not completely inactivation under the condition of gasification 1 h at 750℃.

Key words: fixed-bed, catalyst, semi-coke, hydrogen production, gasification

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  • TQ 536.1

Table 1

Proximate and ultimate analysis of semi-coke coal"

SampleProximate analysis/%Ultimate analysis /%


Schematic diagram of experimental set-up"


SEM images of K2CO3/semi-coke particles"

Table 2

Specific surface area and pore volume of K2CO3/semi-coke at different loading and residual coke"

Sample, K2CO3/%Surface area /(m2/g)Micropore area /(m2/g)External surface area /(m2/g)Pore volume/(ml/g)


Gas yield distribution at different gasification temperature(10%K2CO3/semi-coke,steam flow 0.6 ml/min)"


Gas yield distribution at different catalyst loading(gasification temperature750℃,steam flow 0.6 ml/min)"

Table 3

Changes of CO/CO2 and H2/(2CO2+CO) at different catalyst loading during gasification"



10 min20 min30 min40 min50 min


FTIR spectrum of samples at different catalyst loading (gasification temperature750℃,steam flow 0.6 ml/min)"


XRD patterns of samples at different catalyst loading(gasification temperature750℃,steam flow 0.6 ml/min"

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