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Heat storage and release characteristics of solar phase change Kang and influence factors

Wenyu LI(),Liangliang SUN(),Yanping YUAN,Xiaoling CAO,Bo XIANG   

  1. School of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610031, Sichuan, China
  • Received:2018-10-15 Revised:2019-01-26 Online:2019-05-05 Published:2019-05-10
  • Contact: Liangliang SUN;


The system combining the solar water and phase change heat storage Kang is put forward. Instead of water tank, Kang plate and phase change material are used as heat storage devices to availably improve the heating efficiency in this system. Based on Fluent, two-dimensional unsteady heat transfer model of the Kang is established. The heat storage and release characteristics of phase change Kang is studied and compared with the thermal properties of concrete material Kang. The effects of phase change temperature and latent heat of phase change materials on the heat storage and release characteristic of Kang are also analyzed. Under the working condition of this article, the stable temperatures of the upper surface of Kang of day and night increase by 2℃ and 4℃, respectively. The largest surface temperature difference of Kang decreases from 3.7℃ to 0.8℃. The heat increased by 66.36%. The phase change heat storage Kang has the advantages of high temperature of the upper surface of Kang, uniform temperature distribution, good heat-insulation property and large heat storage capacity. Results show that the temperature of the upper surface of Kang at night increase significantly, with the increase of phase change temperature, but the heat gain of Kang is reduced. Increasing the latent heat has little effect on the temperature of the upper surface of Kang, while significant effect on the heat gain of the Kang.

Key words: solar energy, phase change heat storage Kang, phase change temperature, phase change latent heat, numerical simulation

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Composite system of phase change heat storage Kang"


Schematic of cross section of Kang"

Table 1

Physical properties and geometric properties of Kang material"










水泥砂浆 30 1800 1050 0.93
卵石混凝土 60 2300 920 1.51
聚苯乙烯 20 30 1380 0.042
钢筋混凝土 100 2500 920 1.74

Table 2

Physical properties of phase change material"









890 2090 0.149 0.00507 0.000984


Basic heat transfer unit of Kang"


Validation of mesh and time steps independency"


Temperature of measured points of wall under different filling conditions"

Table 3

Physical properties of material"








十六醇-癸酸 861.57 0.155 2490
粉煤灰 2600 0.2 920
混凝土 2165 1.1 380

Table 4

Error analysis of numerical simulation"

测点 误差范围/% 平均误差/%
相变墙A点 0.08~3.11 0.91
混凝土墙A点 0.48~4.96 2.63
相变墙B点 0.31~5.04 2.11
混凝土墙B点 2.8~5.18 4.17


Change of average temperature of upper surface of Kang under different filling conditions"


Change of measuring points temperature of upper surface of Kang under different filling conditions"


Change of average temperature of under surface of Kang under different filling conditions"


Heat flux of pipe and liquid fraction varies with time"


Melting image of phase change materials"


Effect of phase change temperature and liquid fraction on average temperature of upper surface of Kang"


Total heat gain, heat release of day and night under different phase change temperatures"


Effect of phase change latent heat on average temperature of upper surface of Kang"


Total heat gain, heat release of day and night under different phase change latent heat"

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