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Effect of cooled cylindrical surface on droplet dynamic behavior

Xin ZHOU1(),Ledong DENG1,Hong WANG1,2(),Xun ZHU1,2,Rong CHEN1,2,Qiang LIAO1,2,Yudong DING1,2   

  1. 1. Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chongqing 400030, China
    2. Key Laboratory of Low-Grade Energy Utilization Technologies & Systems, MOE, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400030, China
  • Received:2018-10-09 Revised:2018-12-19 Online:2019-03-05 Published:2018-12-19
  • Contact: Hong WANG;


The prevention and control of ice accumulation has important applications in aviation, building construction and power grid construction. A deep physical insight of the ice forming on the cylindrical surface would give an instruction to the ice-removal strategies for energy conversion devices. Simulations were performed using CLSVOF (coupled level-set and volume of fluid) to track the air-water interface and an enthalpy-porosity method to capture the phase transition. The effects of learning behavior and phase transition characteristics are mainly concerned with the variation of two important parameters: the change of liquid film height and the wetting characteristics of droplets on the wall. The results showed that improve the wall hydrophobicity performance, which could effectively reduce the spreading wetted area of the droplet impact cylinder, thereby reducing the frozen area and decreasing the damage degree of icing. Due to the curvature of the cylinder, the liquid film breaks when the droplet hits the hydrophobic cylindrical wall. However, at extremely low temperature, it can inhibit the splitting of the liquid film on the circular wall surface, resulting in an increase in the spreading area of the liquid film on the wall surface, and the icing phenomenon becomes more serious.

Key words: droplet impact, multiphase flow, phase change, numerical simulation, cylindrical surface

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  • TQ 028.8


Computational solution domain and mesh independence test"


Impacting morphological comparisons between experimental images [30] and simulation results after water droplet impacting on cold flat substrate"


Schematic diagram of measurements"


Phase transition and vector distribution during a water droplet impacting on cold circular substrate"


Evolution of a single droplet impact on different wettability cold smooth cylinders"


Change of α and δ after a single droplet impacting on different wettability cold smooth cylinders"


Evolution of a single droplet impacting on different temperature smooth cylinders"


Change of α and δ after a single droplet impacting on different temperature smooth cylinders"

Fig. 9

Change of α and δ after a single droplet impacting on smooth cylinders at different velocities"

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