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Unified model and geometrical optimization of bi-directional groove of dry gas seal based on genetic algorithm

Qichao XU(),Jinbo JIANG(),Xudong PENG,Jiyun LI,Yuming WANG   

  1. 1. Engineering Research Center of Process Equipment and Its Remanufacturing of Ministry of Education, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310014, Zhejiang, China
  • Received:2018-09-26 Revised:2018-12-20 Online:2019-03-05 Published:2018-12-29
  • Contact: Jinbo JIANG;


The steady-state performance of bi-directional groove dry gas seal can be enhanced by new proposed geometrical model with strong representational capability and new introduced optimization method with strong global search ability. On the basis of analyzing the structural characteristics of typical bi-directional grooves of dry gas seals, a new type of unified model of bi-directional groove with variable spiral angle of hydrodynamic groove was proposed. The geometrical model and mathematical model of dry gas seal with unified model groove were established. The gas film pressure control equations were resolved by use of finite difference method, and the steady-state performance, such as opening force and film stiffness, were obtained. The effect of spiral angle of upstream and downstream hydrodynamic groove on steady-state performance was analyzed, and effect of three typical optimization methods, including single factor optimization, iterative optimization and genetic algorithm optimization, on the enhancement of steady-state performance of bi-directional groove under different working conditions were compared numerically. The results show that compared with the single-factor optimization of the two-way tree-shaped groove dry gas seal, the opening force and film stiffness obtained by the unified model groove dry gas seal based on genetic algorithm are significantly improved, and the maximum increase is 6% and 55% respectively. The bi-directional groove shaped like an aircraft wing with upstream spiral angle equals to 0°—90° and downstream spiral angle equals to 90°—180° possesses the maximum opening force and film stiffness under high-speed condition.

Key words: dry gas seal, bi-directional rotating, optimal design, genetic algorithm, stability

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Schematic diagram of typical bidirectional groove of dry gas seal"


Unified model of bi-directional groove with variable inclined angle of hydrodynamic groove"


Bi-directional groove surface with different values of β1 and β2"


Program chart of single factor optimization and iterative optimization"


Program chart of genetic algorithm optimization"


Effect of spiral angle of hydrodynamic groove on steady performance of dry gas seal"


Optimal groove width ratio and groove length ratio under different parameters"


Pressure distribution of bi-directional groove surface with different values of β1 and β2"


Effect of genetic algebra on film stiffness of dry gas seal"


Evolution of optimized bi-directional groove with genetic algebra"


Effect of optimization method and geometrical model on steady performance of bi-directional dry gas seal"


Pressure distribution of optimized bi-directional groove with different optimization method and geometrical model"


Increment ratio of steady performance of bi-directional groove dry gas seal under different working conditions"


Optimized bi-directional groove under different working conditions"

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