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Preparation and application of graphene lubricant additive with extreme-pressure performance

Yaqiang DUAN(),Xianfeng HE,Tong WU,Yanping ZHANG,Zhiguo ZHAO   

  1. Shanghai LEVSON Group Limited Liability Company, Shanghai 201900, China
  • Received:2018-09-10 Revised:2018-11-05 Online:2019-01-05 Published:2018-11-12
  • Contact: Yaqiang DUAN


Since graphene was discovered, the application of graphene in the field of lubricants had been paid much attention originating from its excellent self-lubrication, mechanical and thermal properties. However, graphene had poor dispersion and easily reunited in oil, which is the key factor limiting the use of graphene in lubricants. To obtain the graphene lubricant additive (MGLOA) with excellent lubrication performance and stable dispersibility, long chain alkanes were grafted on the surfaces of graphene and the oleophilic modified graphene microchip (MGM) was obtained. Otherwise, the formula of lubricant additives (LOA) had been improved to strengthen the interaction between MGM and LOA, which was conducive to further promote the stable dispersion of MGM and showed synergistic lubrication with MGM. The results indicated that the use of MGM and/or LOA can fantastic increase the extreme-pressure lubrication performance of commercial lubricating oils and the optimal amount of MGM and LOA in other lubricants was 0.004 %(mass) and 5%(mass), respectively. The pressure lubrication performances of lubricating oils with 5%(mass) MGLOA-800 (MGM has a content of 0.08 %(mass) in LOA) were improved more than 11 times process. And in application, the process shows good cooling, noise reduction and vibration reduction.

Key words: graphene, surface modification, preparation, extreme-pressure lubrication, stability, attrition

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  • TH 117.2


Schematic diagram of lubricating oil extreme-pressure test"


Characterization results of LN-4NA-T and MGM"


Photographic images of dispersions of LN-4NA-T and MGM in LOA"


Extreme-pressure tests of lubricating oil with different MGM contents"


Extreme-pressure tests of mixed graphene lubricants with different LOA contents"


Cooling performance of lubricating oils comparison"


Noise reduction performance of lubricating oils comparison"


Vibration damping performance of lubricating oils comparison"

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