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Influence of dynamic turbine efficiency on performance of organic Rankine cycle system

Peng LI(),Zhonghe HAN(),Xiaoqiang JIA,Zhongkai MEI,Xu HAN   

  1. 1. Key Laboratory of Condition Monitoring and Control for Power Plant Equipment, Ministry of Education, North China Electric Power University, Baoding 071003, Hebei, China
  • Received:2018-08-15 Revised:2019-01-04 Online:2019-04-05 Published:2019-01-04
  • Contact: Zhonghe HAN;


The centripetal turbine efficiency varies greatly with the change of operating parameters and the type of working fluid, and a one-dimensional analysis model of radial-inflow turbine is introduced. The effects of evaporation and condensation temperature on the turbine efficiency were investigated, and a comparative analysis on thermodynamic and economic performances of the organic Rankine cycle (ORC) system with constant turbine efficiency and dynamic turbine efficiency was presented. NSGA-Ⅱ is employed to conduct multi-objective optimization of ORC system, which was to select the optimal working fluid and determine the optimal evaporation and condensation temperature. Meanwhile, the optimal operating parameters of ORC system with constant and dynamic turbine efficiency were compared, and the variation of turbine efficiency with heat source temperature was studied. The results show that the turbine efficiency increases with the decrement of evaporation temperature or the increment of condensation temperature. After introducing dynamic turbine efficiency, the increment of net power output with increasing evaporation temperature slows down, and the sequence order of some working fluids changed. The optimal working fluid and the optimal operating parameters are different between ORC system with constant and dynamic turbine efficiency, which indicates that constant turbine efficiency will cause errors in selection of optimal working fluids and determination of operating parameters. As the heat source inlet temperature raises, the difference of optimal evaporation temperature and net power output between the ORC system with constant and dynamic turbine efficiency increases. The higher heat source inlet temperature is, the greater error caused by adopting constant turbine efficiency will be.

Key words: organic Rankine cycle, constant turbine efficiency, dynamic turbine efficiency, multi-objective optimization

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Schematic diagram of basic ORC system"


T-s diagram of basic ORC system"


h-s diagram of radial-inflow turbine"


Velocity triangles of radial-flow turbine"


Velocity ratio-degree of reaction curves of radial-flow turbine"

Table 1

Initial parameters for radial-inflow turbine"

Parameter Symbol Value
nozzle velocity coefficient ? 0.95
rotor blade velocity coefficient ψ 0.85
ratio of wheel diameter D r 0.5
absolute velocity angle at rotor inlet α 1 15
relative velocity angle at rotor outlet β 2 30


Flowchart of NSGA-Ⅱ"

Table 2

Cycle and economic parameters for simulation of ORC system"

Parameter Value
heat source inlet temperature/K 433.15
heat source outlet temperature/K 363.15
amount of waste heat/MW 1
ambient temperature/K 293.15
ambient pressure/MPa 1.01
pump isentropic efficiency/% 80
interest rate/% 10
plant economic life/a 20
annual plat operation time/h 7000

Table 3

Properties of working fluid candidates"

Working fluid Molar mass/(g·mol-1) Normal boiling point/K Critical pressure/MPa Critical temperature/K
R236ea 152.039 279.34 3.502 412.44
R114 170.921 276.741 3.257 418.83
R245fa 134.048 288.29 3.651 427.16
R245ca 134.049 298.28 3.925 447.57
R123 152.931 300.973 3.662 456.831
isopentane 72.149 300.98 3.378 460.35
pentane 72.149 309.21 3.37 469.7
cyclohexane 84.161 353.886 4.075 553.64


Comparison of predicted turbine efficiency and experimental data"


Variation of turbine efficiency with evaporation temperature"


Variation of turbine efficiency with condensation temperature"


Variation of net power output with evaporation temperature"


Pareto frontier results of different working fluids for ORC system with constant turbine efficiency"


Pareto frontier results of different working fluids for ORC system with dynamic turbine efficiency"


Variation of optimal evaporation and condensation temperature with heat source inlet temperature"


Variation of turbine efficiency with heat source inlet temperature"


Variation of net power output with heat source inlet temperature"

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