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Screening of ionic liquids for separation of ethyl acetate-acetonitrile azeotrope based on COSMO-RS

Zhigang ZHANG(),Debiao ZHANG,Qinqin ZHANG(),Tao ZHANG,Ru YANG,Wenxiu LI   

  1. School of Chemical Engineering, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, Shenyang 110142, Liaoning, China
  • Received:2018-08-13 Revised:2018-10-15 Online:2019-01-05 Published:2018-10-18
  • Contact: Qinqin ZHANG;


The application of different ionic liquids in the separation of acetate-acetonitrile azeotrope was investigated by COSMO-RS method. The accuracy of COSMO-thermX prediction of ionic liquid separation was verified by comparison between predicted and experimental values. The selectivity (based on acetonitrile) of 221 ionic liquids composed of 17 cations and 13 anions and the effect of ionic liquids on the relative volatility of ethyl acetate to acetonitrile near azeotropic point were calculated and analyzed. It was found that the ionic liquids containing [OAc]- and [Cl]- had a better promoting effect on the separation of ethyl acetate - acetonitrile mixture, while the difference in the promoting effect of cations on the separation of ethyl acetate - acetonitrile mixture was small. The effect of anions [OAc]- and [Cl]- on azeotrope was further studied by applying the surface charge density distribution (σ-profile), revealing that the order of influence of the anions [OAc]- and [Cl]- on the separation of ethyl acetate-acetonitrile was [OAc]->[Cl]-. The comprehensive prediction results show that ionic liquid [BMIM][OAc] is expected to be used as a highly efficient extractant in the separation of ethyl acetate-acetonitrile mixture.

Key words: ethylacetate, acetonitrile, ionic liquid, COSMO-RS model, selectivity

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Vapor-liquid equilibrium diagram for binary system of ethyl acetate(1) + acetonitrile(2) at 101.3 kPa"


Vapor-liquid equilibrium data of ethyl acetate (1)-acetonitrile (2)-ionic liquids (3) ternary system at 101.3 kPa"

Table 1

Names and abbreviations of anions and cations in ionic liquids"































































Selective prediction of ethyl acetate and acetonitrile systems by different ionic liquids"


Relative volatility of ethyl acetate (1) + acetonitrile (2) + anions are [OAc]?, [Cl]?, [Tf2N]? ionic liquid at 101.3 kPa"


σ-profile of ethylacetate, acetonitrile, [BMIM]+, [OAc]? and [Cl]?"


Isobaric VLE diagram for ternary system of ethyl acetate (1) + acetonitrile (2)+ [BMIM][OAC] (3) at 101.3 kPa"


Comparison of effects of different ionic liquids(3) on isobaric vapor-liquid equilibrium of ethyl acetate(1)-acetonitrile(2) system at x3≈0.15 mol"

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