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Preparation and heat transfer characteristics of GO/paraffin composite phase change emulsions

Xiaoshi LIU(),Deqiu ZOU(),Ruijun HE,Xianfeng MA   

  1. Faculty of Maritime and Transportation,Ningbo University,Ningbo 315211,Zhejiang,China
  • Received:2018-08-03 Revised:2018-11-10 Online:2019-03-05 Published:2019-04-03
  • Contact: Deqiu ZOU;


To improve the heat transfer performance of paraffin phase change emulsion, GO/paraffin composite phase change emulsion was prepared by adding graphene oxide (GO) and its properties were characterized. The flow resistance and convection heat transfer test rig were set up, and the flow resistance characteristics and convective heat transfer characteristics of paraffin phase change emulsion and GO/paraffin composite phase change emulsion were comparatively studied. The results show that the composite phase change emulsion shows good stability due to the hydrophilicity of GO. When the mass fraction of GO is 0.01%, 0.02%, and 0.03%, the thermal conductivity of the composite phase change emulsion increases by 20.01%, 30.50%, and 35.18%, respectively. The flow resistance of the GO/paraffin composite phase change emulsion increases slightly compared to that of paraffin phase change emulsion. The straight pipe section increased by 6.70%, and the 90°elbow section increased by 13.20%.The convective heat transfer coefficient increases with the increase of GO concentration. The maximum convective heat transfer coefficient was increased by 43.90% at the GO addition amount of 0.03%.

Key words: phase change, emulsions, nanoparticles, heat transfer, graphene oxide

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SEM image of graphene oxide"


Appearance of GO/paraffin composite phase change emulsion"


Stability of GO/paraffin composite phase change emulsion"


Schematic diagram of flow experimental set-up"


Schematic diagram of straight tube,90° elbow and tube cross section (unit: mm)"


Experimental system of convective heat transfer test"

Fig. 7

Comparison between measured results and calculated values of water"

Table 1

Experimental uncertainties"



Viscosity of phase change emulsion varied with temperature"


Pressure drop of GO/paraffin PCE in straight tube"


Pressure drop of GO/paraffin PCE in 90°elbow"

Table 2

Thermal conductivity of GO/paraffin PCE with different mass fractions"

Test sampleThermal conductivity/(W/(m·K))


Variation of convective heat transfer coefficient of GO/paraffin PCE with different mass fractions"


Increasing rate of convective heat transfer coefficient of different concentrations of GO / paraffin PEM"

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