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Analysis of thermohydrodynamic lubrication performance of spiral-grooved liquid film seals

Xiangkai MENG(),Yingying JIANG,Wenjing ZHAO,Xudong PENG   

  1. Institute of Chemical Process Machinery, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310032, Zhejiang, China
  • Received:2018-08-03 Revised:2018-12-19 Online:2019-04-05 Published:2019-04-17
  • Contact: Xiangkai MENG


Based on the thermohydrodynamic lubrication theory, a quasi three-dimensional thermohydrodynamic model of the spiral-grooved mechanical face seals considering the mass and energy conservation was established. The finite element method was applied to simultaneously solve the average energy equation of the cross film and the heat conduction equations of the rotor and stator. The equation and temperature equations obtained the film pressure, temperature, and temperature distribution of the seal ring. The sealing performance of THD and HD under the different spiral-grooved parameters was compared. The results show that the thermal effect of high viscosity fluid film can t be neglected. Compared with the THD model, HD model overestimates the opening force and friction coefficient but underestimates the leakage rate. When taking the opening force as the objective, the optimal value of the groove depth from THD is smaller than one from HD model. The increase in the groove-dam ratio and the groove number leads to the rise in the leakage rate of the seal. The influence of the spiral-grooved parameters on the friction coefficient is opposite to the opening force. The increase in the groove depth and the groove-dam ratio is help for reducing the temperature rise of the liquid film and the seal rings.

Key words: thermohydrodynamic lubrication, energy conservation, finite element method, spiral groove, thermal effect

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  • TH 117.2


Schematic diagram of mechanical seal structure of spiral grooves"

Table 1

Geometric and operating parameters"

Parameter Value Parameter Value
inner radius, r i/mm 40 speed, n/(r/min) 3000
outer radius, r o/mm 48 outer pressure, p s/MPa 1.0
radius of groove root, r g/mm 44 inner pressure, p i/MPa 0.1
spiral angle, γ/(°) 18 seal clearance, h c/μm 4
weir circumferential angle, α w/(°) 15 groove depth, h g/μm 12
number of spiral grooves, N g 12 cavitation pressure, p c/ MPa 0

Table 2


Parameter Value Parameter Value
thermal conductivity of rotor, k R/(W/(m·K)) 15 thermal conductivity of fluid film,k L/(W/(m·K)) 0.14
specific heat of rotor, c R/( J/(kg·K)) 1000 specific heat of fluid film, c L/(J/(kg·K)) 2000
density of rotor, ρ R/(kg/m3) 3100 medium temperature, T 0/℃ 35
thermal conductivity of rotor, k S/(W/(m·K)) 20 initial viscosity, μ 0/(Pa·s) 0.096


Film pressure distributions"


Temperature distributions"


Influence of groove depth"


Influence of groove dam ratio"


Influence of groove number"


Influence of spiral angle"

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LI Qingzhao;ZHAO Changsui;CHEN Xiaoping;WU Weifang;LI Yingjie


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