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Effect of solid particles in evaporative hot water tower on bubble movement

Chenhui HU(),Yifei WANG(),Zebin BAO,Guangsuo YU   

  1. Key Laboratory of Coal Gasification and Energy Chemical Engineering of Ministry of Education, Institute of Clean Coal Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai 200237, China
  • Received:2018-06-26 Revised:2018-09-30 Online:2019-01-05 Published:2018-09-30
  • Contact: Yifei WANG;


The evaporative hot water tower was used as the research object for visualization experiments. The high-speed camera and image processing software were used to study the motion period and characteristics of a single bubble above the single-hole sieve tray in the hot water tower. The aperture was 3 mm. In the experiment process, non-condensable properties were added to the steam. A mixture of gaseous N2 and N2/solid particles was used to study the effect of solid particles on bubble formation, fragmentation and processes. The results show that the entire growth cycle of the bubble includes the formation zone, the rising zone and the crushing zone. The ratio of the bubble length to diameter decreases from large to small in the formation zone, increases first and then decreases in the rising zone, and increases in the crushing zone. The equivalent radius of the bubble increases throughout the entire cycle of motion, with the highest growth rate in the formation zone. The Y-movement rate of bubbles in the formation zone shows an increasing trend, and the rising rate of bubbles in the rising zone and the crushing zone fluctuates smoothly. When N2 was introduced into the pulverized coal particles, it was found that the proportion of the rise time of the bubbles was greatly reduced, and the proportion of the crushing zone increased significantly, which was conducive to the transfer of heat within the tower.

Key words: column, bubble motion, visual experiment, solid particle, heat transfer, mass transfer

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Schematic diagram of experimental apparatus"

Table 1

Tower parameter"

Parameter Value
tower height/mm 2070
tower inner diameter/mm 100
tower external diameter/mm 110
number of tray 1


Lifetime of bubble obtained by high speed camera"


Equivalent radius and aspect ratio of bubbles over time"


Bubble centroid rising speed change over time"


Equivalent radius and aspect ratio of bubbles over time (N2 flow is 2 L·min-1)"


Equivalent radius and aspect ratio of bubbles over time (N2 flow is 4 L·min-1)"


Equivalent radius and aspect ratio of bubbles over time (N2 flow is 6 L·min1)"


Equivalent radius and aspect ratio of bubbles over time(steam flow is 2 kg·h-1)"


Equivalent radius and aspect ratio of bubbles over time(steam flow is 3 kg·h-1)"


Equivalent radius and length-diameter ratio of bubbles obtained from different ratios of steam to nitrogen"

Table 2

Experimental conditions"

Number Steam flow/(kg·h-1) Nitrogen flow/(kg·h-1) α
a 3 0.15 20
b 2 0.15 13.33
c 3 0.3 10
d 3 0.45 6.66
e 2 0.45 4.44
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