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Heat transfer performance of pulsating heat pipe with hygroscopic salt solution

Hang ZHANG1(),Jianhua WENG1(),Xiaoyu CUI2   

  1. 1. College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai 200090, China
    2. School of Energy and Power Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093, China
  • Received:2018-06-15 Revised:2018-11-16 Online:2019-03-05 Published:2018-12-13
  • Contact: Jianhua WENG;


The heat transfer characteristics of the 10% (mass) concentration LiCl hygroscopic salt solution as the oscillating heat pipe of the working fluid were studied. The 10% LiCl salt solution was prepared to test the PHP evaporator section temperature and the thermal resistance at 45%—90% filling rate and 10—100 W heating power. Besides, that of deionized water PHP was compared. The results show that at the low filling rate of 45% and 55%, when the heating power reaches over 50 W, the thermal resistance of LiCl solution pulsating heat pipe is obviously lower than that of the deionized water PHP. LiCl solution can effectively delay the occurrence of dry-out phenomenon and reduce the thermal resistance of the PHP. At the filling rate of 62%, when the heating power reaches over 35 W, the evaporator section temperature curve of LiCl solution PHP has higher oscillation frequency and smaller oscillation amplitude. The thermal resistance of LiCl solution PHP at different heat power is lower than that of the deionized water PHP. At the high filling rate of 80% and 90%, the temperature curves of the evaporator section of the two types of PHP are similar for the average temperature, the oscillation frequency and the amplitude. The thermal resistance is relatively close.

Key words: pulsating heat pipe, lithium chloride, salt solution, evaporation, heat transfer, binary mixture

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Schematic diagram of experimental system of PHP"


PHP prototype and thermocouple arrangement"

Table 1

Physical properties of working fluids at standard atmospheric pressure and 20℃"

工质沸点/℃密度/(kg·m-3)热导率/(W·(m·℃) -1)动力黏度η×106/(Pa·s)表面张力σ×103/(N·m-1)


Temperature oscillation curves at low charge rate evaporation end"


Temperature change curves at 45%, 55% low charge rate evaporation end"


Temperature oscillation curves at 62% charge rate evaporation end"


Temperature change curves at 62%, 70% medium charge rate evaporation end"


Temperature oscillation curves at 80% charge rate evaporation end"


Temperature oscillation curves at 90% charge rate evaporation end"


Temperature changes curve at 80%,90% high charge rate evaporation end"


Temperature change curves at 45%, 55% low charge rate condensation end"


Temperature change curves at 62%, 70% charge rate condensation end"


Temperature change curves at 80%,90% high charge rate condensation end"


Thermal resistance change curves at 45%, 55% low charge rate"


Thermal resistance change curves at 62%、70% medium charge rate"


Thermal resistance change curves at 80%,90% high charge rate"

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LI Qingzhao;ZHAO Changsui;CHEN Xiaoping;WU Weifang;LI Yingjie


Combustion of pulverized coal in O2/CO2 mixtures and its pore structure development

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