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Analysis of fire suppression effectiveness of ultra-fine water mist containing iron compounds additives in cup burner

Tianshui LIANG1(),Zongying WANG1,Kun GAO1,Runwan LI1,Zheng WANG2,Wei ZHONG1(),Jun ZHAO1   

  1. 1. School of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001, Henan, China
    2. Industrial Technology Research Institute, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001, Henan, China
  • Received:2018-06-14 Revised:2018-11-24 Online:2019-03-05 Published:2018-12-19
  • Contact: Wei ZHONG;


To evaluate the fire suppression effectiveness of ultra-fine water mist containing iron compounds additives qualitatively and quantitively, a small-scale experiment platform was set up to explore the minimum extinguishing concentration of the water mist under different fuels. Ethanol and n-heptane were separately used as fuels. Air flow was kept as 60 L/min during experiments. The water mist content in the air was gradually increased by adjusting the power of atomizer. The critical fire suppression concentration was obtained until fire was extinguished. Furthermore, to understand the fire suppression mechanisms deeply, structures formed by iron oxides and H radicals were relaxed based on the density functional theory. The results show that ferrocene and ferrous sulfate can obviously reduce the minimum extinguishing concentration of ultra-fine water mist. The decreasing degree of minimum extinguishing concentration is not linear with the content of additives. There are optimal concentrations of iron compounds additives match to fire suppression effectiveness of the water mist. The optimal concentrations of ferrocene and ferrous sulfate are 0.01% and 1% respectively. The fire suppression effectiveness is affected by the type of fuels. Its order is as following in this experiment: ethanol > n-heptane. Fe(OH)2 formed by the reaction of iron oxide with H radical is an active catalytic substance capable of eliminating H radicals by chain reaction.

Key words: ultra-fine water mist, additive, minimum extinguishing concentration, radical, catalysis, reaction mechanism, density functional theory

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Schematic diagram of experimental device"

Table 1

Preparation parameter of ferrocene dispersions"

二茂铁分散液浓度/%(mass) 二茂铁质量/g surfynol 465体积/ml
0 0 40
0.0040 0.8 40
0.0055 1.1 40
0.0065 1.3 40
0.0075 1.5 40
0.0080 1.6 40
0.0100 2.0 40
0.0150 3.0 40


Minimum extinguishing concentration of ultra-fine water mist containing ferrocene with different concentrations"


Minimum extinguishing concentration of ultra-fine water mist containing FeSO4 with different concentrations"


Optimal minimum extinguishing concentration of ultra-fine water mist containing different additives"


Process of H2 evolution under interaction between H atoms and FeO2(black—Fe atoms,gray—O atoms,white—H atoms)"


Process of H2 evolution under interaction between H atoms and FeO3(black—Fe atoms,gray—O atoms,white—H atoms)"


Schematic diagram of reaction pathways for Fe in flame"

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