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Preparation and properties of decyl alcohol-palmitic acid/expanded graphite low temperature composite phase change material

Sunxi ZHOU1,2(),Xuelai ZHANG1(),Sheng LIU2,Qiyang CHEN1,Xiaofeng XU1,Yinghui WANG1   

  1. 1. Cool Storage Technology Institute, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai 201306, China
    2. Vegetable Research Center, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Beijing 100097, China
  • Received:2018-06-12 Revised:2018-10-08 Online:2019-01-05 Published:2018-10-25
  • Contact: Xuelai ZHANG;


To find a low temperature phase change material with a temperature range of 2—3℃, a sterol-palmitic acid (DA-PA) binary composite phase change material was prepared by eutectic method based on theoretical calculation. To improve the thermal conductivity, the DA-PA/EG composite phase change material with the optimal mass ratio of 15:1 was obtained by using the porous characteristics of expanded graphite (EG). The structure and properties of the composite phase change material were studied by DSC, step cooling curve, FI-TR, SEM and high-low temperature cycle test. The results show that when the mass ratio of DA-PA was 97.8:2.2, the phase change temperature was 2.9℃ and the latent heat was 203.6 J·g-1. After vacuum adsorption, DA-PA was uniformly encapsulated in the porous network structure of EG. The phase change temperature of DA-PA/EG was 2.7℃, the latent heat was 193.9 J·g-1, and the thermal conductivity was 1.416W·(m·K)-1, which was 4.3 times higher than DA-PA. After 100 times of high-low temperature cycles, the thermal properties of DA-PA/EG did not change much and still maintained good stability. The results show that the DA-PA/EG composite phase change material has great application value in the cold chain logistics.

Key words: composites, phase change, heat conduction, adsorption, stability

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Table 1

Experimental instruments"

precision electronic balanceMSl05DU±0.01 mg
magnetic stirrerHJ-6A
cryogenic bathDC-6515±0.1℃
Agilent data acquisition instrument34972A±0.01℃
differential scanning calorimetry(DSC)


temperature<0.1℃, enthalpy<0.1%
hot disk thermal constant analyzer



electron microscope scanner(SEM)


box resistance furnaceSX2-4-10A
vacuum drying ovenDZF-6020
Fourier infrared spectrometerTENSOR37
high and low temperature alternating box




Step cooling experimental device"


DSC curve of DA-PA binary eutectic mixture"


Step cooling curve of DA-PA binary eutectic mixture"


DA-PA/EG before and after heat treatment"

Table 2

Sample quality changes before and after heat treatment in different proportions"

Proportion (DA-PA:EG)Before heat treatment/gAfter heat treatment/gMass loss/gPercentage loss/%


Infrared spectra of composite phase change material"


Scanning electron microscope images of EG and DA-PA/EG"


DSC curve of DA-PA/EG"


Step cooling curves of phase change material before and after EG addition"


DSC curve of DA-PA/EG after cycling"


Step cooling curves of DA-PA/EG before and after cycle"

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