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Optimization design and experimental properties of high-temperature and high-capacity pulse tube cooler

Weifeng DENG(),Zhenhua JIANG,Shaoshuai LIU,Ankuo ZHANG,Yinong WU()   

  1. Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200083, China
  • Received:2018-03-22 Revised:2018-10-08 Online:2019-01-05 Published:2018-10-25
  • Contact: Yinong WU;


A high-capacity pulse tube cooler (PTC) with nominal cooling of 50 W/170 K is presented in this paper. It is driven by an opposed-piston dynamic magnetic linear compressor. The regenerator and pulse tube are arranged in coaxial. The inertance tube and reservoir are used as passive phase shifter of the PTC. Based on the principle of electrical-mechanical-acoustic coupling field, a dynamic model of the PTC is proposed and transient simulation was conducted on the characteristics of the compressor under load. The mass-spring system of the compressor is improved to make the PTC resonant. The mass of the PTC is less than 12 kg without electric control equipment. A performance of 50 W/170 K is achieved with 230 W electrical power while the motor efficiency and related Carnot efficiency are 92.7% and 16.5% respectively. The specific power (electrical power/cooling power) is less than 5 W/W at the temperature range of 150—200 K. Under the rated input power, the maximum cooling power reaches 90 W@200 K. The PTC can be used for space to cool down giant Infrared Focal Plane Array (IRFPA) and provide an alternative to domestic refrigerator as cold source at the temperature range of -60—-20℃ as well.

Key words: high-temperature, high-capacity, pulse tube cooler, linear compressor, dynamic model, transient simulation, optimization design

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Main structural drawing of coaxial PTC"


Acoustic impedance diagram of PTC"

Table 1

Main structural parameters of pulse tube cold finger"

蓄冷器长度47 mm惯性管Ⅰ?3×0.8 mm
蓄冷器内径13.5 mm惯性管Ⅱ? 4.5×0.8 mm
蓄冷器外径26 mm气库容积250 ml
脉管长度63 mm活塞直径26 mm
脉管内径13 mm活塞冲程±6 mm


Coupling system of electrical-mechanical-acoustic of linear compressor"


Vector diagram of forces on piston"


Co-simulation of PTC based on Simplore and Maxwell"


Schematic of experimental setup of PTC"


Picture of PTC"


Changing curve of compressor current with varying frequencies under load"


Changing curve of piston displacement with varying frequencies under load"


Changing curve of cooler COP with varying frequencies at 50 W/170 K"


Cooling performance of PTC at 170 K with varying charging pressures"


Cooling down curve of PTC under no load"


Cooling performance of PTC at temperature range of 150~200 K"


Cooling performance of PTC at -60, -40 and -20℃"


PV power efficiency of compressor versus cooling power"


Percentage of PCu and all the other losses versus cooling power respectively"

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