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Recent advances of numbering-up technology of micro-dispersion devices

Yongjin CUI(),Yankai LI,Kai WANG,Jian DENG,Guangsheng LUO()   

  1. Department of Chemical Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
  • Received:2020-05-11 Revised:2020-07-07 Online:2020-10-05 Published:2020-08-15
  • Contact: Guangsheng LUO;


Monodisperse droplets are templates for producing spherical particles and microcapsules, and related materials are widely used in optical display, drug delivery, bioassay, food processing and other fields. Micro-dispersion technology is a recognized new method to obtain microdroplets with tiny size, narrow particle size distribution and controllable structure by accurately controlling the multiphase flow in microchannels. However, due to the low throughput of a single microchannel, its large-scale industrial and commercial applications are seriously limited. To achieve high-throughput and easy-to-control production, it is the basic numbering-up strategy of micro-dispersion devices by parallelizing a large number of microdroplet generators and the network of fluid distribution channels onto a single chip. To maintain the monodispersity of droplets and the robustness of device, the uniform distribution of fluid in parallel microchannels is a key scientific issue. This paper systematically reviews the recent progress in the numbering-up technology of micro-dispersion devices. The manufacturing technologies and materials are analyzed. On this basis, the future research directions of numbering-up of micro-dispersion devices are prospected.

Key words: micro-dispersion, microchannels, numbering-up, uniform distribution, device fabrication

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  • TQ 021.1
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